Friday, July 7, 2017

The Pace Essence


My dear followers it is finally come the time to prepare our First Essence. In this first preparation, we will use only Agrimony and Basil.

Why? Simple because we are creating a "Peace Essence", an essence able to quiet the mind and at the same time open it. To do this we need of two specific herbs, one able to quiet the physical mind (Agrimony, works very well at the liver level, that is the anger physical location) and another able to open the abstract mind (Basil, works very well in the mind's eye location - block in this energetic area could create confusion and frustration).

Now let we start... :)


The first thing to remember Always in any Alchemy Work is that all is Energy in Action and that we will be only the tool for the manifestation of a higher will, so before to start we have to always do two very important thing:
  • declare what is the real and deep intent of the work we are doing to start
  • ask for the Divine Support
Both are indispensable passages to can assure good results, if you don't believe, simply omit them and try... ;)

To accomplish appropriately to both I have prepared a little prayer, feel free to personalize it as you feel guided to do but remember always to tell your prayer directly to The Goddess (the Divine Mother).

The Prayer: 

"Beloved Divine Mother, confident in Your Infinite Benevolence I humbly ask your Divine Intervention to support the work I'm going to start, pledging to dedicate it in full to the fullest benefit not only mine but of the whole Creation and as a tool of your Unconditional Love. Thank you, Mother."

After, wait in contemplation status for a couple of minutes (is not unusual receive some intuitions in this phase, in the case of, take notes).


Put 4 teaspoons of Agrimony and 4 teaspoons of Basil into the mortar.

Grind all this with patience and love as long as it has not reached the same consistency and lightness of flour. Be aware that during this phase you are passing your energies to the preparation, so when I tell "with patient and love" I really intend "with patient and love" (if you feel so guided you can listen to some inspiring music).


Now insert 25ml of Organic Alcohol in an empty and clean glass jar, add the crushed herbs and stir for two minutes.  

Let it rest for 12 hours, remembering to avoid cool places and direct light (you can wrap it in a soft, clean wool cloth). Also, remember that in this "incubation" phase the forming essence is more "sensible" to the environment energies so try to do your best to can guarantee "a quiet and energetically harmonized place". At the end of the "incubation" phase, you will clearly see two different layers (liquid on top, solid on bottom).


Take another glass jar with the funnel and the cotton cloth and start the filtering phase, but before pour the herbal essence remember to stir it to be sure to have a homogeneous solution. 

Let the time doing its work and after some minutes all the liquid part will be separated from the solid one. To be sure to don't lose any precious drop of our essence don't forget to close the cotton cloth and gently squeeze the contents.

This is the end of the filtration phase.

Now use the 20ml Syringe to measure the volume of extracted essence, take notes (we will call it "EssenceVolume"), and put the essence back into the glass jar.


Now get the other glass jar and put on it 10ml of Extra Quality Mineral Water.

Now add to the water a teaspoon of white table salt, close the jar and stir it vigorously for about two minutes (to be sure to dissolve as many table salt as possible, we have to saturate the water solution).

This is a zoom of the final result (will be of white lattice consistency, it's ok).

Now we will use again (after have clean accurately) the funnel, the cotton cloth and one of the previous glass jar to filter the saturated water (don't worry if after the first use the cotton cloth will remain forever "green", it's normal and it's ok for our work).

Now to decide how many of this filtered water to use, we have to do a simple mathematical operation (this is only the final formula, I prefer to avoid you the entire mathematical passages).

WaterVolume = EssenceVolume ÷ 9

Now use the 5ml Syringe (or 10ml glass pipette) to get the WaterVolume from the saturated water solution and pour it into the essence jar.


VERY IMPORTANT... in the "classical Alchemy" this phase is very hard and long to do and will need the use of a hot fire for a long time, this will (at the end) inject the required Alchemical Fire (let me call it so), into the Essence. We will obtain a better result simply calling again the Goddess support. To do this, we will use an Energy I channeled directly from the Goddess and that has exactly the purpose to can have an Injection Phase really effective but in only 10 minutes and using only a simple prayer (to call in action this Energy directly from the Goddess).

OK... let we continue...

Close the glass jar containing the essence hermetically, do your prayer and stir softly for exactly 10 minutes (600 seconds). During this time the Goddess will inject into the essence the "Alchemical Fire" (if you feel the energies you will have really good and deep feelings, anyway this phase may be a bit tiring, it's normal). Execute it in contemplative status.

The Prayer: 

"Beloved Divine Mother, confident in Your Infinite Benevolence I humbly ask your Divine Intervention to Activate this essence according to your divine will. Thank you, Mother."


Now let it rest for another 60 hours (please, apply the same rules of the "incubation" phase). At the end of this final phase, (and NOT before), our Alchemical Essence will be finally ready to be used! :)


Personally, I use to take 5 drops of it, away from meals, in a bit of water, after wake up and before going to bed.

In the next post, I will explain the theory that there is behind this Alchemical preparation method! :)

With Infinite LOVE and GRATITUDE...

Fabio ;)