Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The Hepatic Essence

My Dears, today we will work on a specific herbal essence, one specifically created to work on a selected physical system. Today our focused system will be the Liver/Gallbladder one. Great is its work at the Energetic and Spiritual level and is the warehouse for fears (Liver) and anger (Gallbladder), so working at this level, we will work to free ourselves from Fears and Anger.

If we are actively working on our Spiritual Path, we haven't to forget to work, at the same time, on the physical one, one without the other is simply an incomplete work because many Spiritual blocks are simply stored in our physical body. So, as when we work at the Spiritual Level we will see Physical healing, working at the Physical Level we will see Spiritual healing! :)

The Hepatic Essence we are going to prepare today will be a GREAT ally in our Spiritual Journey.

I'm constantly working to find better Herbal combinations and better method to prepare them, so I sincerely feel that in the near future we will have better herbal combinations and better preparation methods, but, for the moment, this Herbal Preparation will be our best friend (I'm currently using it from a week and, also in so short time, I have noticed a big difference assuming 3 drops when I feel so guided).

The Herbs...
  • Dried Artichoke leaves (from the plant)
  • Dried Alfalfa Leaves   



This extraordinary herb is a strong liver tonic, with even strong detoxing effects and works very well both at the Liver and Gallbladder level (working a bit at the Intestinal level too).


This herb was sacred in ancient times and used to heal inner and outer wounds, it has a great general stimulatory effect also on the gastrointestinal level, working as a booster if used in conjunction with other compatible herbs.

OK, after a short herbal presentation, let we start... ;)

As always we have to start with the PREPARATION PHASE... (thanks to The Goddess). 

The Prayer: 

"Beloved Divine Mother, confident in Your Infinite Benevolence I humbly ask your Divine Intervention to support the work I'm going to start, pledging to dedicate it in full to the fullest benefit not only mine but of the whole Creation and as a tool of your Unconditional Love. Thank you, Mother."

After, wait in contemplation status for a couple of minutes (is not unusual receive some intuitions in this phase, in the case of, take notes).

Weigh 5 grams of Artichoke leaves...

Weigh 3 grams of Alfalfa...

Weigh 11 grams of white table salt...

... put everything in the mortar...

... and as always grid them until we obtain a flour appearance.

Now insert it into our glass jar...
...and pour as much alcohol as it is enough to just cover the surface...
...wait for 45 minutes and after, using the usually funnel and cotton cloth...

...filter it.
Now we have to do our Injection Phase (thanks to The Goddess)...

Close the glass jar containing the essence hermetically, do your prayer and stir softly for exactly 10 minutes (600 seconds). During this time the Goddess will inject into the essence the "Alchemical Fire" (if you feel the energies you will have really good and deep feelings, anyway this phase may be a bit tiring, it's normal). Execute it in contemplative status.

The Prayer: 

"Beloved Divine Mother, confident in Your Infinite Benevolence I humbly ask your Divine Intervention to Activate this essence according to your divine will. Thank you, Mother."

NOTE: if you feel so guided you can try to use the "Herbal Empowerment" method.

Now we can directly use it without the wait for the Maturation phase because we haven't added any water.

NOTE: an important note, not using the maturation phase we have to anyway be aware of the fact that our preparation will spontaneously empower itself for about a week or so. So if you will feel guided to gradually reduce your daily doses (drops), it's OK! I just informed you, and that's all! :)

With Infinite LOVE and GRATITUDE...

Fabio ;)


  1. Dear Fabio,

    Thank you with all my heart for this divine essence. Thanks to the Goddess.

    I started to use the essence three days ago. And today, my gallbladder and my liver are painful. I feel like this is a natural cleaning process.

    What is your opinion dear Fabio?

    With love,


    1. Hi, Mia,

      I think would better stop at the painful appearing and restart after 3 days from the painful disappearing, you can also think to decrease a bit the daily drops.

      Anyway I think is a detox process too, my suggestions are only to modulate it.

      The best would find your personal best cycle of ON/OFF.

      Infinite Blessings and Love