Monday, July 17, 2017

The Artichoke Essence

My Dears, today we will try to do a new Reinforcing and Balancing Herbal Essence, our unique herb will be the Artichoke, we will use its abilities in Healing/Reinforcing both the intestine and the liver, an in so doing we, at the same time, will try to mixing the Grinding and the Fixation phase and removing the Maturation one, all these changes will bring in a really fastest preparation (but strong at least as the previous one, if not much more), so as always... let we start... ;)

We need:
  • Dried Artichoke leaves (from the plant)
  • White table salt

As always we have to start with the PREPARATION PHASE... (thanks to The Goddess). 

The Prayer: 

"Beloved Divine Mother, confident in Your Infinite Benevolence I humbly ask your Divine Intervention to support the work I'm going to start, pledging to dedicate it in full to the fullest benefit not only mine but of the whole Creation and as a tool of your Unconditional Love. Thank you, Mother."
After, wait in contemplation status for a couple of minutes (is not unusual receive some intuitions in this phase, in the case of, take notes).

Weigh 5 grams of artichoke leaves...

...and add two teaspoons of white table salt...

... all together in the mortar (we now are trying to mix the Grinding and the Fixation phase and at the same time, adding the salt to the dried herb we will speed up the Grinding phase because this will greatly help to reduce our herb in little particles).

 As always grid them until we obtain a flour appearance.

Now insert it into our glass jar...

...and pour 18ml of organic alcohol (as you can see we are using the absolute minimum quantity of alcohol just enough to fully cover our herbs, so doing we will obtain the most concentrated essence) ...

...wait for only 45 minutes and after, using the usually funnel and cotton cloth, filter it.

Now we have to do our Injection Phase (thanks to The Goddess)...

Close the glass jar containing the essence hermetically, do your prayer and stir softly for exactly 10 minutes (600 seconds). During this time the Goddess will inject into the essence the "Alchemical Fire" (if you feel the energies you will have really good and deep feelings, anyway this phase may be a bit tiring, it's normal). Execute it in contemplative status.

The Prayer: 

"Beloved Divine Mother, confident in Your Infinite Benevolence I humbly ask your Divine Intervention to Activate this essence according to your divine will. Thank you, Mother."

Now we can directly use it without the wait for the Maturation phase because we haven't added any water.

The result will be not so much but will be much concentrated, in fact, the taste will be very bitter.

The result is really strong, and I personally are using only 3 drops at a time in a bit of water and away from meals, just after wake up and immediately before going to sleep.

I'm waiting for your results, my dears! :)

With Infinite LOVE and GRATITUDE...

Fabio ;)


  1. Thank for that , I would like to knows are they leaves of the plant or of The part we eat?
    And Dried Alfalfa (you talk about it on first post) what is it for ?

    1. The leaves are from the plant. About the Alfalfa, I'm working on a new Essence that combined together both Alfalfa and Artichoke, stay tuned! :)

  2. That was pretty cool. I was expecting something easy to find, but to prepare. I really liked it. Thanks!