Thursday, July 20, 2017

Herbal Empowerment

My Dears, today I want to explain a special technique really useful to Empowering our Herbal Essences, this technique will allow us not only to increase the effectiveness of our Essences but also to great decreases any collateral effects (if any).

The technique is as simple as effective, we have to only execute the Injection Phase for Seven times consecutively, with a pause, from every injection, of at least 45 minutes (we can also wait for one entire day so to use an entire week to finish our Essence Empowerment).

Why Seven times?...

In our Universe 7 is a Holy Number, a number of completion, 7 are the days of the week, 7 are the musical notes, 7 are the Human primary Chakras, 7 are the visible Colors, 7 are the human primary endocrine glands, and so on...

Seven is the number of sub-planes of any evolution level, so as well as if we want to shift a melody to its higher octave, we have to move it to 7 notes, to evolve our Herbal Essence to its next evolution level, we have to complete all the 7 sub-levels which distancing our essence from its next evolutionary level, and that's all! :)

So now... do your tests! ;)

With Infinite LOVE and GRATITUDE...

Fabio ;)

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