Wednesday, July 5, 2017

About this Blog (and me)

Are many years that I'm actively working on myself to transmute my Dark-side, increase my inner Light and became my Immortal Soul, in this long path, I have found invaluable the use of the Energies (take a look at The Goddess Chamber), the Crystals and more recently the Herbal Alchemy.

This Blog has the primary purpose of transmitting, to everyone ready to receive them, the basic of my practical Herbal Alchemy work (the creation of specified Herbal Essences with the primary purpose to speed up our spiritual evolution).

What difference a Herbal Alchemy Essence from a more "common remedy" is that it carries the full essence of the plant in lived, purified and exalted (amplified) form, so creating a really powerful medicine.

A well created Herbal Essence is able to going deeper and generate durable effects also if assumed in low doses.

I have discovered that is possible optimize some of the "classical herbal Alchemy methods", finding that is possible obtain more with less, simply having a deep understanding of what is happening, and in this, my long experience with the Energies and Crystals was what made the real difference.

I have tested many different methods to create Herbal Essences, from the basics to the advanced ones, and also the most basic Herbal Essence is more power that any phytotherapy or homeopathic remedy (in fact, both are contained in it).

I'll write more in the next posts, in the meantime, if you feel so guided, you can start procuring:

The Material
  • n. 1 mortar with pestle (if you have to buy a new one then please buy one of granite with unpolished interior and pestle tip)
  • n. 3 glass jars with hermetic closure (at least of 150ml as minimum volume)
  • n. 1 funnel (to used with the glass jars)
  • n. 1 white cotton cloth (we will use it as filter so be sure to use a good one)
  • n. 1 syringe of 20ml
  • n. 1 syringe of 5ml (or a 10ml glass pipette)
  • n. 1 teaspoon 
  • some 30ml glass bottles, with dropper

The Ingredients
  • Dried Alfalfa Organic herb
  • Dried Agrimony Organic herb
  • Dried Basil leaves Organic herb  
  • Organic Alcohol 95%-96% (not less) 
  • Extra quality mineral water
  • White table salt fine-grained (Sodium Chloride)

NOTE: it's really important using only Organic ingredients because this will allow us to work with pure Energies and with the higher vibrations.

With infinite LOVE AND GRATITUDE...

Fabio :)

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  1. I'm looking forward to reading more on you blog!